A brief history of Disposable gloves in the medical field

Disposable gloves in the medical field

At the current situations of the world, disposable gloves are playing a significant role in every person’s day to day life as this pandemic is preceding from the surface to people or by touching things so it has become mandatory to keep your hands covered with the gloves so that the needles can not directly come in contact with the surface. But you know what from where the idea of these disposable gloves came?

Here we are going to do a short discussion on the brief history of disposable gloves in the medical field along with how this useful thing has become a blessing to people at the time of this pandemic.

Medical since has discovered these disposable gloves as a blessing to the medical filed people as think if a surgeon is doing surgery into your stomach with necked hands how unhygienic and dangerous it can be, so here we can consider these gloves as a blessing for the people.

In the year 1889 Dr Halsted, who is very much fond of cleanliness he is known as the father of first surgical rubber glove in the united states for the medical science. The William Stewart Halsted works as the first surgeon in chief the Johns Hopkins Hospital as he receives a request from his nursing assistant. Although at the time of 1889 these gloves only use for hygiene. But as per the time passes in the year 1894 many patients died because of unhygienic ways of surgery, in that period to stop that thing Joseph Lister started using carbolic acid to sterilize he surgical tools after that they started using surgical gloves making sterile for the first time in history. These gloves are beneficial to use as it creates a layer between the patient’s body surface and doctors hand.

In the year 1941 a company that names The Ansell rubber Co. Pty. Ltd raises its funding for the research in surgical gloves.

In the year 1992, The OHSA raises his voice against the spreading of a disease such like HIV, Aids in which they add the personal protective kit that includes the disposable gloves which are distributed by the OHSA to the needy workers for their safety.

Along with at the time of Mid 1990’s the medical science launched disposable nitrile gloves in the market for the first time for the candidates as these gloves contain more chemical as compared to the latex gloves. As well as these gloves were perfect for those candidates who are allergic to the latex material things and gloves.

These disposable gloves have become a fundamental and mandatory need of the current world. Without thes4e gloves, it is impossible to think about any surgery or doing any f the medically related work as it gives safety protection for both the parties. So, we can say it is the worthy invention which is provided by “William Stewart Halsted” to the medical science or the world. 

This is a brief history of Disposable gloves in the medical field, hope you all get it. 

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