Privacy Policy

We at Best Care respect the privacy of every individual. Our relationship with our customers is very fundamental to our success and reputation in the market.


We understand the value of the information you provide under the privacy and security section of your account. We refer and treat your given information as personal information.


The Best Care does hold the right to disclose or report any details filed on the website to the government authorities and, or to the law to cooperate or protect the interest of our company.


We solely use our customer data for the purpose it is requested. For example, we collect our customer’s emails for sending promotional messages and deals, or we ask for card details to complete the transactions. We also use your data for analytics purposes hence we sometimes need to share certain information with third parties.

We use your personal information and data only for the purpose of providing you good service and managing our administrative structure. This may include advertising about the product of your interest, about our affiliate products or other services.

In order to provide all the services, we sometimes combine various stats calculated from your data on various channels on our site.


When we share any personal details of our customers with a third-party service provider, we protect the information of our customers with a strict confidentiality agreement that bounds the companies we hire to our privacy standards.


Our employees with access to the personal information of our customers are bound with a confidentiality agreement and must not disclose any personal information of our customers to anyone other than for business use.


On certain occasions, we might assist the non-affiliated company to offer you a product or service. In such cases, we will assist you with marketing materials that will include how you can avoid such communication requests in the future.


In any case, we protect our customer’s personal details and all the information provided on our website and do not allow any third party business to hold your information longer than needed until and unless you authorize them to do so.


We try our best to keep your personal information secure and up to date. In any circumstances, if you feel like deleting your personal information from our website or want to change your details you are free to contact us and we will update our record as soon as possible.

If you have any queries or concerns please feel free to contact us via email at or rings us at +91-981-0009-185